We build a relationship with our clients and are by their side as they grow. Some companies may want a quick payday, then they move on. We want to partner with companies we believe are successful and help them become the industry leaders they drive to become.


favau - Your favorites fashion accessory store

favau, pronounced "fah-voh", is a new fashion accessory store that focuses on customer retention by rewarding it loyal users with points for each purchase. The company realized that a crowded fashion market would be hard to break into, and decided to make their their customers experience a priority.

Though they carry thousands of products, users can easily navigate to each product collection with large calls to action and a well categorized mega menu. Each collection page has several sorting and filtering options, based on the page, the product type & individual product tags.

As their customer base has grown, the opportunity to share new products and blog posts has exploded with feed integrations. When a new product or post is published, an RSS feed emails that information to users via MailChimp, or posts it to one of their many social media channels. With Shopify, their customers can purchase products within a tweet, pin, or Facebook page!

NSOF - A nonprofit organization 501(c)3 founded in the state of Virginia

As a start up non-profit focused on helping Navy special operations personnel and their families, cost savings was a priority from the start. Extensive research of available payment processors and associated fees paved the way to establishing an account with Shopify and take advantage of their reduced nonprofit rates. The site has three main focuses: Donations, awareness, and action.

Donations required a little outside of the box thinking. Rather than setting fixed amounts, NSOF realized that some people may only have a little while others have the opportunity to give more. Every dollar counts, and that why by leveraging a traditional products quantity field, charitable customers can offer as low as 1 dollar to an infinite amount. Other products like hats, t-shirts & mugs act as ongoing advertising, and help supporters spread the word with everyday products. To cut overhead and avoid stocking, shipping and extra labor, ThePrintful.com has been synced with each product to handle fulfillment.

Awareness is featured on their blog and the ongoing updates to the families that NSOF supports. Along with new products, each blog post RSS feed automatically emails everyone on their MailChimp list, plus IFTTT feeds to various social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Most importantly is the actionable programs and events that Navy Special Operations Foundation offers. Recent events include free kids days at Top Golf in Virginia Beach & San Diego and a chance to experience a freefall at iFly. Upcoming plans include sponsored camp programs and a charity gala.

Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club

In the first 6 months of their original e-commerce website, drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com had tremendous success and growth in its customer subscription base. While retaining a low 37% bounce rate with its users, the site ignored the close to 40% of users who visited on a mobile platform. The subscription model proved to be a successful method to allow restricted access to members only, but hurt SEO by leaving valuable content "behind closed doors". Virtuemart had been able to process customers orders, but continued to cause frustration with users concerning shipping, the shopping cart and the lack of updates to get aligned with current e-commerce standards.

Building on the existing product and customer base, a custom template was designed based on product packaging.


The most successful online stores build their audience and provide the items they desire. WhatGlyph.com has made it easy to search for the product they want by style, tag, artist or font. Customers can easily narrow down to exactly what they want. Custom features allow a user to select the size plus apparel and ink color, for a combination of up to 90 variations per item.

To keep in touch with their customers, MailChimp newsletters forms offering one time discounts have been integrated. Products are added almost daily, and each is automatically fed to social media via RSS feeds. A hands off management of new product notifications and blog posts allow the staff at WhatGlyph to focus on the next great product based on what customers are asking for. Staff has ensured their customers can be heard through commenting, social media, and numerous methods to contact them directly.

How do custom t-shirt companies offer such a wide variety of options without over stocking product? By partnering with printing fulfillment companies like ThePrintful.com products are only produced as they are ordered. Overhead is slashed, and another US based company is partnered in business and success!

The Stylist LA

Unlike a traditional e-com site that only sells product, The Stylist LA also needed a solution for renting products. BookThatApp is in use to track product orders and maintain a bookings calendar for the rentals. Additional features include Instagram hashtag feeds and several blog configurations.

Site design and layout provided by Caroline Dunivant. To see more of Caroline\'s work, visit cargocollective.com/carolinedunivant.

Kingsbridge Publishing

Kingsbridge Publishing is a growing start-up, and features a Shopify e-commerce platform to sell future authors books, a blog to spread the good word, and submission advice for future authors and their manuscripts.

R&M Performance

R&M Performance in Eastern Maryland has a 60,000 square foot shop and 5,000 square foot storage facility. Their team of professional technicians & fabricators help bring your Chevy, Mustang or Chevelle back to life.

The R&M site has a restoration shop first focus, with the option to purchase company schwag. Company capabilities and personnel are highlighted to help create trust within their existing and future customers. Two of the biggest considerations were an easy method to contact the business & a focus on their current projects

The website was built within Shopify on the Out of the Sandbox Retina theme. The theme was then heavily customized to provide a unique experience. Current projects have been added as blog posts and utilize the Facebook Image Gallery app to display Facebook photo albums. This provided an easy solution to host multiple images and allows new images to be added from anywhere. RSS feeds for both products and new blog posts have been integrated into social media & MailChimp to auto post & instantly send e-mails to subscribers.

Global Fire Research

Global Fire Research is a new source of information for firefighters and industry professionals. The content features fire related studies, research, and investigations of current and future fire service practices. A unique search and filter ability allows individuals to research older studies. Users interact through commenting and social media to help peers learn about and contribute to a resource that will help them perform in their daily duties.

Set up as a blog, users are notified though an e-mail campaign whenever a new report is published. SEO has been optimized to take advantage of traffic and measures where that traffic is coming from.

Toy Builder Labs

To reach their growing customer base, their blog was extended to offer subscriptions via MailChimp. Users who sign up now receive the latest posts right in their inbox. To further their focus on customer service, Freshdesk was integrated to offer instant support and a growing knowledge base.

Combat Solutions

Combat Solutions offers tactical gear, specialized equipment, risk assessment, security training and operator personnel to meet today\'s elevated threat environment.

The new e-commerce website in Virginia Beach was built on a Shopify platform.

Tools of a Pro

Real estate investors now turn to Tools of a Pro for the help and guidance they need to boost profits.

Investing in the real estate market and becoming a business success needs the right products to help you move forward. Tools of a Pro has partnered with affiliates to promote products during their classes and seminars. The top tools and links for each category are highlighted and conversions are tracked.

The responsive design allows users to access the site and interact from any device, instantly accessing the information they are learning about during a lecture. Users can sign up for newsletters and notifications of new products and information. The Joomla CMS has provided the platform to for future expansion including a blog and a registered user section.

Dee Branch Oliver

To promote her book, Dee will be attending speaking engagements, writing about her experiences and sharing her industry knowledge online. Users can keep up with all of Dee\'s events, read her new blogs, and purchase her books right from the site.

To allow Dee to focus on what she knows best, we decided to make updating her site as easy as possible. All content and new posts are facilitated through front end log in\'s. This way Dee does not have to worry about a complicated CMS backend!

PECI Flotation

PECI Flotation is based in Virginia Beach, VA and has been developing and manufacturing flotation solutions for the tactical industry for years. Current clients include local & federal governments, law enforcement, and all military branches.

In order to take advantage of modern browsers and mobile viewing, tacfloat.com was redesigned & redeveloped using responsive web design and built upon a Joomla platform. Individual products were optimized to maximize search engine optimization and product highlights.

Tarzan Tree Service

Tarzan Tree Service based in Virginia Beach provides professional tree services in Hampton Roads Virginia. The main goal of the website was to quickly provide contact information and highlight the company and its services.

The home page features a quick contact form and a phone number as the primary call to action. The majority of contact form submissions now come from this quick form over the main contact page full form. We identified common questions and concerns that potential customers had, so now testimonials and downloadable insurance & licensing certificates are available throughout the site. Service pages highlight Tarzan's capabilities while providing quality SEO to help with search engine rankings.

Marc Hrisko International

Marc Hrisko International has been working with Red Plug Design for the past 12 plus years, and needed their existing websites updated to help increase sales, accommodate mobile devices and grow their marketing efforts.

The existing MarchHrisko.com was moved into Shopify to consolidate product purchases from one platform. Supporting landing pages now use Shopify Buy Buttons and the new JavaScript Buy SDK to customize the experience. The site now features custom responsive web design and helps ensure 39% of their mobile users have a great online experience.

Marc Hrisko is a "rising star" in the real estate investment industry and one of America's most dynamic wealth and entrepreneur strategists. Nicknamed "America's Millionaire Coach", his website needed to reflect his high end branding and allow users to quickly learn about Marc as a mentor and a person.

Aside from the ability to purchase books, a big consideration was marketing and retaining users and their information. Marc regularly uploads videos to his YouTube channel to keep his audience informed of his latest projects and seminars. These videos are embedded into blog posts which are then posted to the site, emailed via MailChimp and posted to Facebook & Twitter via customized RSS feeds.

SkyBoss Drones

Drones are becoming the most popular hobby and tool to amateurs and professionals alike. Users can range from children to movie studios to emergency services. Due to that popularity, the e-commerce market is becoming increasingly competitive, and it is a challenge to stand out from the crowd. Quality products and customer service is a great start, but a well designed and developed website will be the key marketing tool for any businesses success.

SkyBoss Drones started in Shopify with a dated, pre-built theme and quickly realized it was hurting sales. Calls to action were not clearly defined and product pages lacked a consistent formatting and high resolution images. When a potential customer visits a product now, they are presented with technical spec's, multiple product views, and a complete description providing as much information as necessary to ease any concern a user may have before a sale. SkyBoss has worked with Affirm to offer financing for its more expensive product line ups.

Kangaroo Millionaire

Kangaroo Millionaire was the first book written by Marc Hrisko, and previously had an entire website. When marchrisko.com was redesigned and redeveloped, we reviewed the overall branding of his company, and realized that the main traffic should be driven to marchrisko.com, and landing pages should support this content and its products. A custom HTML landing page was developed using the existing styles and similar content from the main site. A Shopify Buy Button is embedded to allow customers to purchase right from the landing page, while the product is managed at the Shopify main site.

Raise the Roof

Marc Hrisko International wanted to support the books for sale on marchrisko.com, and decided to set up landing pages to provide another source of traffic and SEO. The existing stylesheets were used to continue the companies branding and eliminate the need to redesign the page. Shopify Buy Buttons were customized and embedded to allow the book to be purchased on raisetheroof.com, but hosted & managed on the marchrisko.com Shopify website.

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