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America's Millionaire Coach

Marc Hrisko International has been working with Red Plug Design for the past 12 plus years, and needed their existing websites updated to help increase sales, accommodate mobile devices and grow their marketing efforts.

The existing was moved into Shopify to consolidate product purchases from one platform. Supporting landing pages now use Shopify Buy Buttons and the new JavaScript Buy SDK to customize the experience. The site now features custom responsive web design and helps ensure 39% of their mobile users have a great online experience.

Marc Hrisko is a "rising star" in the real estate investment industry and one of America's most dynamic wealth and entrepreneur strategists. Nicknamed "America's Millionaire Coach", his website needed to reflect his high end branding and allow users to quickly learn about Marc as a mentor and a person.

Aside from the ability to purchase books, a big consideration was marketing and retaining users and their information. Marc regularly uploads videos to his YouTube channel to keep his audience informed of his latest projects and seminars. These videos are embedded into blog posts which are then posted to the site, emailed via MailChimp and posted to Facebook & Twitter via customized RSS feeds.


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