• R&M Performance
  • 5455 Moose Lodge Road
  • Cambridge, Maryland 21613
  • 410 901 6003

The nation's largest muscle car & classic automobile restoration shop

R&M Performance in Eastern Maryland has a 60,000 square foot shop and 5,000 square foot storage facility. Their team of professional technicians & fabricators help bring your Chevy, Mustang or Chevelle back to life.

The R&M site has a restoration shop first focus, with the option to purchase company schwag. Company capabilities and personnel are highlighted to help create trust within their existing and future customers. Two of the biggest considerations were an easy method to contact the business & a focus on their current projects

The website was built within Shopify on the Out of the Sandbox Retina theme. The theme was then heavily customized to provide a unique experience. Current projects have been added as blog posts and utilize the Facebook Image Gallery app to display Facebook photo albums. This provided an easy solution to host multiple images and allows new images to be added from anywhere. RSS feeds for both products and new blog posts have been integrated into social media & MailChimp to auto post & instantly send e-mails to subscribers.

  • Shopify E-Commerce
  • Retina e-commerce theme by Out of the Sandbox
  • Facebook Image Gallery
  • New product & blog post RSS feed integrated with Social Media and MailChimp
  • Responsive Web Design

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