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Bringing the drone world to your doorstep

Drones are becoming the most popular hobby and tool to amateurs and professionals alike. Users can range from children to movie studios to emergency services. Due to that popularity, the e-commerce market is becoming increasingly competitive, and it is a challenge to stand out from the crowd. Quality products and customer service is a great start, but a well designed and developed website will be the key marketing tool for any businesses success.

SkyBoss Drones started in Shopify with a dated, pre-built theme and quickly realized it was hurting sales. Calls to action were not clearly defined and product pages lacked a consistent formatting and high resolution images. When a potential customer visits a product now, they are presented with technical spec's, multiple product views, and a complete description providing as much information as necessary to ease any concern a user may have before a sale. SkyBoss has worked with Affirm to offer financing for its more expensive product line ups.


E-Commerce Fraud and What You Can Do

At some point, every online store will deal with this

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