"Red Plug stood out from other developers by focusing on my companies industry and particular market, instead of defaulting to "how everybody else does it". The extra time he spent planning and researching resulted in a site that allows our users to make the exact product they want. Future sales from current customers was a high priority, and the integration with MailChimp, blogging & social media addressed this perfectly. Take the time and see the value in your investment and contact Ian!"

  • WhatGlyph.com
  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • whatglyph.com

WhatGlyph.com is a custom t-shirt and hoodie e-commerce site specializing in using font glyphs for artwork.

The most successful online stores build their audience and provide the items they desire. WhatGlyph.com has made it easy to search for the product they want by style, tag, artist or font. Customers can easily narrow down to exactly what they want. Custom features allow a user to select the size plus apparel and ink color, for a combination of up to 90 variations per item.

To keep in touch with their customers, MailChimp newsletters forms offering one time discounts have been integrated. Products are added almost daily, and each is automatically fed to social media via RSS feeds. A hands off management of new product notifications and blog posts allow the staff at WhatGlyph to focus on the next great product based on what customers are asking for. Staff has ensured their customers can be heard through commenting, social media, and numerous methods to contact them directly.

How do custom t-shirt companies offer such a wide variety of options without over stocking product? By partnering with printing fulfillment companies like ThePrintful.com products are only produced as they are ordered. Overhead is slashed, and another US based company is partnered in business and success!


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