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The number one benefit to starting a blog for your website is providing search engines like Google new and relevant content to crawl each time they visit your site. All the major search sites have updated their algorithms to give websites with content that is directly applicable to the site a higher rank than those that provide little site specific content.

Be a leader in your industry and engage your users with your expertise, new content and products. By integrating social media with your blog, you can instantly expand your message to more than just your websites audience. Social channels and commenting will allow you to talk with your audience, as opposed to at them.

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RSS Feeds for Your Content

Each blog category that is set up with have an associated RSS feed that can be used to send your content to a variety of outlets


Did you know that you can get a free MailChimp account for up to 2,000 users? Every Shopify site setup includes a form integrated with your MailChimp account to allow your users to manually sign up for your marketing & an integrated app to allow users to opt in at checkout. These options will help to build your email list for any email marketing. When a new blog post is published, an RSS driven email campaign will automatically send emails to those that have signed-up . All you have to do is write a new post!

Social Media

The RSS feed can also be used to instantly post your new blog post to Facebook, Twitter, G+, Linked in and more.

If your Social Media Team is understaffed, auto posting is a great way to still connect with your fans and keep them up to date with the new content on your blog. A link and an image will be posted or tweeted to your channels that will allow a user to click through to your website.

Website Checklist

Every website is assigned a pre-launch checklist to ensure quality standards

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