Kick pre-built sites to the curb


Start with a strong foundation

Your custom Shopify e-commerce website begins with a consultation to learn your company's goals, strengths and weaknesses. The initial comp is designed based on this conversation, and when the time comes to start building your site, we start with an empty framework and build from there.

Pre-built themes are great for those with a smaller budget or an accelerated launch time, but will never provide you the exact e-commerce site your business needs. One of the biggest issues with a pre-built theme is the code bloat that is found to harm your site. When a company makes a pre-built theme, they may build upon the previous without removing irrelevant elements. This leads to bloated, unnecessary lines of code, and longer page loads. One theme must accommodate hundreds of different types of websites, not yours specifically.

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Benefits of a Custom Designed & Developed Shopify Theme Compared to a Pre-Built Theme

A better foundation for organic SEO translates to higher search engine rankings

Faster load times

Optimized code

Unique design customized for your brand & products

Built for YOUR business needs, not the competitions

Website Checklist

Every website is assigned a pre-launch checklist to ensure quality standards

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