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Do you have Google Analytics or a site back up plan?

Designing and developing your website and its content is just the first step. After your site launches, you need to make sure that it is maximizing the content and your audience. By reviewing analytics and other Webmaster Tools, you can ensure that your site has no broken links, 404 errors, or even viruses. These are all items that will hurt your users experience and SEO. We can also identify your users and what they do on your website!

You vs Them

Does your website have the features it needs to be successful?
Does your competition's site?


What's Included

Many clients take advantage of their Monthly Maintenance plan by having us format new products, blog posts or pages of information. Encourage yourself to continually add to your website to keep it current and relevant.


1 hour per month of minor content additions or edits


Theme, customers, orders & products will be backed up and saved to a server


Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools will be reviewed and any errors addressed

E-Commerce Fraud and What You Can Do

At some point, every online store will deal with this

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