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Shopify has worked hard to provide a variety of sales channel. Your e-commerce store can be integrated into your Facebook page, and products can be purchased directly in your Tweets and Pins. You can even offer the option to Facebook Message customers at checkout

Leverage your website and your fans by integrating your new blog posts and products with your social channels and email campaigns. When a new product or blog post is published, the link can be fed instantly to Facebook & Twitter. What about Google+ & LinkedIn? No Problem. To accommodate all the users who signed up for your newsletter, within 24 hours of being published, an email with your new products or blog posts will be in their inbox!

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Social Media Sales Channels

There are some Sales Channels that are available for free with any Shopify account. Other options are exclusive to our clients and are included with every Shopify store setup.

Facebook Store

Add your store to Facebook and sell your products. Your catalog will be available as a tab next to About and the Like option. Learn More

Pinterest Buyable Pins

With the Pinterest Sales Channel, any product that has ever been pinned from your store instantly will have a "Buy It" option. Learn More

Twitter Product Tweets

Similar to the Buyable Pins, any product Tweeted from your store will now include a "Buy" button. You can even create new Tweets from your Shopify admin. Learn More

Shopkey App

Shopify developed an app that works with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch keyboard to give you access to your product catalog when texting or posting to social media. Learn More

RSS Feeds

Each blog category and product collection has an RSS feed available. We can use that to auto post to Facebook, Twitter, and more. We will also set you up with a free MailChimp account and integrate a sign up form with your site to collect user information. Customers who opt in to receive your marketing material will receive an email notifying them of new content

Website Checklist

Every website is assigned a pre-launch checklist to ensure quality standards

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